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REUZEit’s Origins: Our Mission to being Solution Providers

by REUZEit Team | Aug 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Hello again, it’s Ryan Andrews. I am REUZEit’s Chief Innovation Officer and have been an integral part of the company’s overall development selling used lab equipment. Over the past 10+ years, our vision of creating a circular economy through surplus asset management as a service has propelled REUZEit to what it is today. In this blog, I’ll be sharing part 5 of REUZEit’s origin and history series.

Solution Providers

We’d successfully completed our biggest project to date, and everyone on the team was fired up.  From there on out, we started to develop a reputation for pain point solution providers…at a profit for our customers as well as ourselves! We were brought over the wall on many of our clients’ planning meetings to see if there was an opportunity to increase productivity by solving pain points and easing budget strain. 

Making Moves Toward Something Bigger

A couple months into the project, I had a feeling we were going to need a bigger warehouse. With that, plus our father ailing at a rapid rate, we wanted to be closer, so we moved the business to a real warehouse in Temecula, California. At a whopping 5500 sq ft, we had so much space we thought we would never grow out of it. Justin at one point was worried it was too big of a step but went along with it, nonetheless. 

It was about seven months into this project that the foundation for REUZEit was born. We were operating in a completely new niche for our industry. We were unique: providing one-stop shop services for common pain points during site closures, expertise in lab equipment handling and sales, transparency-driven recording, and a general approach to finding productivity in all surplus opportunities. 

Justin graduated from beer school but at that point our business was looking good, so a career in brewing was not really the hot hand anymore. We had truckloads of used lab equipment to process, and some tail-end work to finish for the project I mentioned above. In addition, we had more demand for our services as our client quickly spread the word to their sites, sharing the success of that project company-wide. That quickly led to similar projects in Texas, New York, and Wisconsin, all of which experienced similar success. Needless to say, Justin and I were finally back in the same office and ready to begin building the world’s greatest approach to handling surplus assets: REUZEit!

Our Mission

Today we are still passionately addicted to solving pain points for our clients. It is REUZEit’s mission to apply our approach to surplus assets, across all industries with physical capital assets. We also want to change the world, by introducing savings and profit opportunities through a circular economic approach to the life extension possibilities of surplus assets. This leads to a wonderful benefit: reducing landfill and natural resource demand in manufacturing new goods, all from REUZEing assets before REBUYing. 

As mentioned before, we now have physical locations in three countries and are providing our services on nearly every continent. We could not have made it here without the tremendous trust and support from our clients, friends, family, colleagues, and employees. To the moon we go! 

Thank you for reading our origin story and we hope to speak with you soon!

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