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Leverage Untapped ROI From Your Excess Capital Assets

REUZEit is the Complete Surplus Asset
Management Platform & Equipment Marketplace

The Hidden Cost of Excess Capital Assets

Today billions of dollars in used lab equipment are collecting dust at many biotech and pharmaceutical firms around the world. These unused assets are not just a waste of space but are impacting your bottom line and result in:

  • Redundant procurement spend
  • Unused and improperly deployed equipment
  • Discarded equipment
  • Unoptimized resale of equipment
  • Massive negative ecological impact

Manage Your Excess Assets at Zero Net Cost

REUZEit is on a mission to help businesses redeploy, re-sell, and recycle their excess assets in order to help companies secure their bottom line, and protect the earth from the dramatic impact that tons of discarded equipment has on our planet every year.

Our comprehensive services empower companies to recover their capital investments through reuse at their own organization, by reselling them through our online network, or by project cost avoidance.

REUZEit Service Ecosystem

Product Management Platform Product Management Platform
Account Management Services Account Management Services
Redeployment and Logistics Redeployment and Logistics
Site Management Site Management
Product Resale Product Resale
And Much More And Much More

Our Results Speak for Themselves

We have delivered individual clients 8 figures in savings and have reused or recycled 98% of their unused assets. Through our platform we have prevented over 232 metric tons* (as of Q2, 2023) of greenhouse gasses from being released into the atmosphere.

Other benefits include:

  • Positive ROI
  • GHG Reductions
  • Capital Recovery
  • Procurement Saving

Our published case study shows a 99.7% reduction in Carbon by employing REUZEit instead of buying new equipment.

Some of our Trusted Partners



“As we approach our 8th year with REUZEit, the company has never paid a net cost, REUZEit contributed > $10M in cash through the sale of what was destined for landfills, scraps, and recycling.

Sr Manager
Asset Management Global Facilities & EHS


“We had millions in surplus equipment across multiple divisions and no measure or method to track or stop the waste. REUZEit is a single point of contact in the US and Europe when we have a project, big or small, and we want to recover valuable assets for resale or redistribution.”

EHS Assets Services, Global Operations

*Results reflect the experience of individual clients. Experiences may vary by client situation. Specific results value is not guaranteed.

Product Categories

We have a wide selection of lab equipment for any budget that are sourced from our network of trusted companies.

We have:

Centrifugation Centrifugation
Mass Spectrometry Mass Spectrometry
Incubator / Oven Incubator / Oven
Molecular Biology Molecular Biology
Analytical Analytical
Pump Pump
Small Benchtop Equipment Small Benchtop Equipment
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We Provide Total Life-Cycle Solutions for All Your Excess Capital Assets

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