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Sustainability Research

Sustainability research is a critical endeavor aimed at understanding, assessing, and advancing environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of our planet. Through rigorous investigation and analysis, researchers delve into topics such as renewable energy, waste reduction, ethical sourcing, and conservation strategies.

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REUZEit Blog

Dive into the ever-evolving landscape of our industry with our blog, where we curate and deliver the latest insights, trends, and analyses. Stay informed and ahead of the curve as we explore innovative ideas, emerging technologies, and key developments shaping our dynamic business environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an industry enthusiast, our blog is your go-to source for valuable perspectives and knowledge to navigate the currents of change and progress in today’s fast-paced world.

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REUZEit Revolution

We need to rethink how we view the products that we buy. We can no longer afford to passively source materials, manufacture, use, and discard virtually everything we purchase. We advocate a commonsense approach to consumption, through reusing, repairing, and reallocating our resources.

The REUZEit Revolution is here to pioneer this shift and encourage others to extend the lifecycle of their products and equipment through reuse.

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Video Library

Explore our extensive video library for a visual journey into a wealth of informative and engaging content. From tutorials and product demonstrations to insightful discussions and industry highlights, our video collection offers a dynamic and accessible way to absorb information.

Whether you’re seeking step-by-step guides, expert interviews, or the latest updates, our video library is your gateway to a multimedia learning experience. Immerse yourself in valuable content that caters to various interests and expertise levels, enhancing your understanding and keeping you connected with the latest happenings in our domain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the REUZEit Surplus Asset Management platform? +

In the quest for constant growth, most companies focus on core competencies with a minimal concern for organic productivity. Unfortunately, without a turn-key surplus asset management system applied across the organization, billions in valuable assets are stored in closets, depreciating in off-site storage units, or worse, in the landfill.

The REUZEit Surplus Asset Management Platform and services are integrated with your organization, centralizing surplus inventory and assets, making assets easily viewable and redeployable, globally, with a few clicks on our cloud-based portal. REUZE-ing saves millions on redundant capital expenditures, conserving waste, and extending useful life of natural resources.

REUZEit provides transparency to all your surplus equipment, managing logistics, warehousing and order fulfillment for redeployed and redistributed assets.

Why do some websites say “Call for quote” REUZEIt shows the price? +

Our websites are designed for easy online purchasing and instant shipping quotes; and our 30-day money back guarantee means your purchase is essentially risk free.

We do not buy and resell, the equipment for sale on our web page is on consignment.

Where does REUZEit get all this equipment? +

All equipment is surplus from the global clients enrolled in the REUZEit Surplus Asset Management Platform.

REUZEit removes equipment from hundreds of different sites belonging to our global clients.

Where are your locations? +

Headquarters and 110,000 sq ft warehouse located in Southern California since 2010
28381 Vincent Moraga Drive, Temecula, CA 92590

In 2018, we expanded to Waddinxveen, Netherlands
Coenecoop 630 2741PV

In 2020, we opened in the UK
Ashley Farm, Bottle Lane, Bracknell, RG42 5RY

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