The Eppendorf 5415 Centrifuge series, comprising the 5415 D and 5415 R models, has been a cornerstone in research and routine laboratories across various fields. Featuring both non-refrigerated and refrigerated options, these bench-top centrifuges offer space-saving designs and user-friendly operation, making them perfect for everyday tasks. 

With the ability to centrifuge 24 or 36 Eppendorf micro test tubes simultaneously in a 45° fixed-angle rotor at speeds of up to 16,100 rcf (13,200 rpm), they ensure efficient sample processing. While the 5415 series has been replaced by newer models, units are still available for sale on platforms like REUZEit. Additionally, rotors and accessories for the 5415 D/R are accessible from Eppendorf, ensuring continued support for existing users. Explore REUZEit Marketplace for online auctions and classified ads for Eppendorf products and more.

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