The CTC PAL Autosampler is a high-precision sample-handling system known for its exceptional accuracy and efficiency. With a spacious sample tray capable of holding numerous samples in various vials or microplates, it maximizes throughput in analytical workflows. Its syringe-based injection mechanism ensures precise and reproducible sample delivery with minimal carryover, guaranteeing reliable analysis. The system's flexibility is enhanced by interchangeable sample trays and customizable racks, accommodating a wide range of volumes and sample types.

Integrated software and robotic capabilities enable automated sample preparation and analysis, streamlining workflow and reducing manual intervention. Compatible with liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC) systems, the CTC PAL offers versatility and seamless integration into existing laboratory setups. Ideal for laboratories requiring precise, high-throughput sample handling and automation, the CTC PAL Autosampler delivers quantifiable performance across diverse analytical applications.

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