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Reduce Equipment Waste While Boosting Your Bottom Line

REUZEit has helped companies recover millions of dollars in excess capital investments, and has prevented mountains of used equipment from filling landfills worldwide.

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Buy US Equipment Buy UK Equipment Buy EU Equipment Auctions

Excess Lab Assets are More Costly than You Think

The troubling reality of equipment waste should be a significant concern for all organizations, not only for its negative environmental impact but for its negative financial impact as well.

Significant Financial Liability

Financial Liability

Excess assets are not often a high priority for biotech, pharma, and life science labs. However, if these firms looked closer, they would see that this issue is causing them to leave hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars on the table.

These costs include:

  • Redundant equipment procurement
  • Unnecessary equipment storage
  • Unused equipment
  • Below market equipment resale

Depending on the size of your organization these pitfalls can be costing your company millions.

Unnecessary Environmental Harm

Environmental Harm

Every month tons of unused equipment are sent to landfills worldwide on a massive scale. The lifespan of this equipment can be extended several times over, but end up destroyed, causing toxic materials to pollute the environment. Most of this equipment will not decompose for generations or be released into the atmosphere through incineration.

  • Toxic metal contamination
  • Chemical pollution
  • Imperishable material waste
  • Groundwater contamination

For some organizations, excess equipment could be the key roadblock keeping them from reaching their sustainability goals.

Recover Capital Investments at Zero Net Cost

REUZEit offers ways to help you get a return on your capital investments.



Sell excess equipment without a broker. Get the best prices through our easy-to-use platform.


Redeployment Cost Avoidance

Unnecessary procurement is a hidden problem for many labs. Never buy redundant equipment again with REUZEit.


Project Management, Pick-ups & Reverse Logistics

Recover valuable assets through our comprehensive suite of on-site services specifically designed for organizations like yours.

Case Study

5-Year Case Study with a leading life science company with more than 1,000 sites and 75,000 employees globally.

Key outcomes include:

  • Global asset management system with real-time visibility and reporting
  • Streamlined process to engage, manage, and track vendors
  • Reduced internal resources with REUZEit’s End-to-End Asset Specialists on hand

Project Highlights

ROI for the full program
$5.02 Total contribution
per $1 cost
$15,000 avg
Cost avoidance per
redeployed asset

savings on services
higher conversion rate
than leading competitors in
asset sales.

*data pulled from Liquidity Services and Equipnet quarterly reports
4.6 Million Pounds
Weight of equipment
diverted from
donation initiative
every year

Reach Your Sustainability Goals Faster

REUZEit offers its customers a profoundly easy and cost-effective way to help businesses make strides towards greater sustainability. Our program will put your excess assets at your fingertips so you can manage, reallocate, sell your equipment, and dramatically extend the lifecycle of your equipment. Benefits include:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

  • Pollution prevention

  • Landfill avoidance

  • Recycling efficiency


REUZEit Makes Surplus Asset Management Easy

REUZEit offers the world’s most advanced circular economic platform to redeploy and manage technology’s most valuable equipment in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. We aim to help these businesses succeed in both productivity and sustainability, while also prolonging the life of equipment that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Access On-Site Services Through the REUZEit Dashboard

Our dashboard is not simply a piece of software, but a connection to our white glove on-site services.

See our platform for yourself

Is REUZEit the right solution for your organization?



“As we approach our 8th year with REUZEit, the company has never paid a net cost, REUZEit contributed > $10M in cash through the sale of what was destined for landfills, scraps, and recycling.

Sr Manager
Asset Management Global Facilities & EHS


“We had millions in surplus equipment across multiple divisions and no measure or method to track or stop the waste. REUZEit is a single point of contact in the US and Europe when we have a project, big or small, and we want to recover valuable assets for resale or redistribution.”

EHS Assets Services, Global Operations

*Results reflect the experience of individual clients. Experiences may vary by client situation. Specific results value is not guaranteed.

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