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Managing Assets at your Organization has Never Been Easier with REUZEit.

Can You Escape the Linear Economy?

The current model for the procurement, utilization, and disposal of lab equipment is called the linear economy. The linear economy is bad for the environment and bad for business because it is focused on consumption, not financial or ecological sustainability. This mindset is costing companies millions and causing multigenerational ecological harm to our planet.

The Circular Economy is the Alternative the World has Been Waiting for

The Circular Economy is simple. Instead of discarding lab equipment in the linear economy, REUZEit makes it easy to redeploy, resell, and procure assets to prevent large-scale waste.

The Two Main Benefits of Working Within the Circular Economy with REUZEit are Twofold:


Capital Recovery in the Circular Economy

Capital Recovery in
the Circular Economy

We solve expensive and time-consuming problems for our clients that often result in 7 figure savings and capital recovery. These outcomes are made possible through our digital platform and suite of on-site services. For one client, these initiatives resulted in a $16M value at zero net cost.

  • Capital Recovery
  • Redeployment Cost Avoidance
  • Project Management Efficiencies

Reaching Sustainability Goals in the Circular Economy

Reaching Sustainability Goals
in the Circular Economy

REUZEit dramatically extends the excess equipment lifecycle of your lab equipment, preventing waste at a large scale. Our published case study shows that keeping a piece of equipment in use, either by redeploying within the company or selling in the used market, reduces Carbon by *99.7%.

  • We redeploy and reuse equipment instead of sending it to a landfill.
  • We resell equipment to other labs, preventing waste.
  • We significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Tons of Equipment. One Dashboard. Zero Net Cost.

Does your organization own hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of lab equipment throughout your country or around the world?

REUZEit makes it possible to put it all at your fingertips so you can dramatically cut costs and reach your sustainability goals. We know that managing excess assets is more than putting a piece of equipment on a shelf, but requires tracking, refurbishing, redeployment, sales, and more.


Easy to Use Digital Dashboard

Finally, get complete asset transparency with our comprehensive software platform. Find, relocate, and sell excess assets with a click of a button and REUZEit will do the rest.
  • Surplus Management
  • Schedule pickups and redeploy equipment
  • Plan projects
  • Search Inventory
  • Real-time reporting
  • Data exports
  • and more

Onsite Services

We’ll transport, refurbish, and sell your equipment for you.

The REUZEit dashboard is not only easy-to-use software, but it connects your organization to an international network of equipment specialists. This platform centralizes all operations, providing transparency on all transactions and inventory.

Transparent Management and Reporting
Manage your lab equipment company-wide through our easy-to-use dashboard.

Transporting, Storing, and Redeploying Equipment
Stop sourcing freight companies and get one point of contact for all your equipment logistics needs.

Refurbishing Your Equipment
Extend the usefulness of your equipment or prepare items for resale.

Buying and Selling Equipment on our Marketplace
We are not an equipment broker but help connect you with buyers and sellers around the world at the best prices in the industry.

Lab Project Services
Our experienced staff will help you manage and execute lab buildouts, closures, transfers, and more.

Secure Online Marketplace

Get products straight from the owner and managed by REUZEit.

  • Get products straight from the owner.
  • We test and refurbish equipment
  • Get the best pricing in the industry
  • 30-Day no-hassle return policy



“As we approach our 8th year with REUZEit, the company has never paid a net cost, REUZEit contributed > $10M in cash through the sale of what was destined for landfills, scraps, and recycling.

Sr Manager
Asset Management Global Facilities & EHS


“We had millions in surplus equipment across multiple divisions and no measure or method to track or stop the waste. REUZEit is a single point of contact in the US and Europe when we have a project, big or small, and we want to recover valuable assets for resale or redistribution.”

EHS Assets Services, Global Operations

*Results reflect the experience of individual clients. Experiences may vary by client situation. Specific results value is not guaranteed.

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Take a Tour of Our Dashboard

Take a Tour of Our Dashboard

Manage Your Excess Assets on Our
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