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It’s no secret that humans are consuming more natural resources than we are putting back into the environment. Problems like pollution and supply chain shortages are not going anywhere unless businesses are dedicated to the development of our new circular economy.

REUZEit found a significant amount of waste and inefficiency that occurs within large organizations and the use of machines that keep technology moving.

How many industries can benefit from organic productivity, supply chain stability, and investment recovery?
Answer… All of them.

And how many people benefit from less pollution and accessible technology?
Answer… All of us.

Ignite the REUZEit Revolution

We need to rethink how we view the products that we buy. We can no longer afford to passively source materials, manufacture, use, and discard virtually everything we purchase. We advocate a commonsense approach to consumption, through reusing, repairing, and reallocating our resources.

The REUZEit Revolution is here to pioneer this shift and encourage others to extend the lifecycle of their products and equipment through reuse.

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Join the REUZEit Revolution

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