BioRad HydroTech Vacuum Pump

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Condition : VG (Very Good)
Warranty : 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
Region : US
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  • Make Bio Rad
  • Hertz 50Hz/60Hz
  • Model HydroTech Vacuum Pump
  • Serial 294BR
  • Weight 58.0 Lb
  • Voltage 120V
  • Includes Power cord included |
  • Warranty 30-Day Warranty, 100% Parts and Labor
  • Dimensions 25.0in x 17.0in x 28.0in
  • Shipping Type FedEx Ground
  • Item Condition VG (Very Good)
  • Manufacturing Date Does Not Apply

Product Information

The BioRad HydroTech Vacuum Pump is designed for electrophoresis gel drying and various applications requiring a continuous vacuum of greater than 29 inches of mercury (23.4 Torr). It's also compatible with the Model 583 gel dryer. This completely self-contained vacuum pump uses ordinary tap water, eliminating the need for vacuum pump oil and offers efficient disposal of gel drying liquids and vapors in its 4 L water reservoir. It circulates water through a cooling unit to maintain a constant vacuum and has quick-disconnect fittings for easy mobility around the laboratory. With its functional specifications and practical design, the HydroTech Vacuum Pump is a reliable asset in life science laboratories. This particular unit has been tested for basic functionality and is in Very Good condition with some cosmetic blemishes around the unit from normal use.

Key Features

  • Operation with ordinary tap water instead of vacuum pump oil
  • Corrosion-resistant internal wetted surfaces
  • Maintenance of a strong, constant vacuum by circulating water through a cooling unit
  • Quick-disconnect fittings for enhanced mobility
  • Tested for basic functionality and in Very Good condition

  • Vacuum Starting: >29' Hg
  • After 10 hr: 28' Hg at 22C
  • At 35C (ambient): 26' Hg
  • Flow rate: 60 Hz, 28 L/min; 50 Hz, 21 L/min
  • Indicators: Vacuum (optional with gauge); water level
  • Function modes: Continuous or timed operation
  • Timer control: 03 hr, fully adjustable
  • Fluid capacity: 1 L when primed, 4 L total
  • Noise: 12 dB rise over background
  • Operating temperature: 435C
  • Operating humidity: 1090% relative humidity

Metric: 26.308 kg
Imperial: 58.0 lb


Metric: 25.0 cm x 17.0 cm x 28.0 cm
Imperial: 9.84 in x 6.69 in x 11.02 in

Harmonized Code


Harmonized Code Details

841410 - Vacuum pumps: Hand-operated or foot-operated air pumps



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