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Our Services & Client Experience

Cloud Platform

Schedule pickups, plan projects, search, browse and redeploy surplus equipment instantly. 24/7 access to all asset details, live reporting, data exports and dashboards.


REUZEit delivers organic productivity and sustainability by maximizing the useful life of equipment, “REUZE-ing” equipment anywhere in the organization from the click of a button on our platform.

Global Project & Pickup Services

REUZEit can execute global equipment retrieval from a single item to an entire facility and operate as a one-stop-shop for your organization’s planned site closures, moves/transfers, lease turnovers, remediations and more.

Reverse Logistics

Customized programs that redirect returns and trade-ins to REUZEit’s facilities to coordinate logistics, storage, parts harvesting, resale or redeployment, turning an expense into organic productivity.

Disposition Strategies

At REUZEit, we take into account the unique requirements for each asset, using a formula that considers the variables of purpose, value, time and space to deliver educated disposition strategies.

Storage Solutions

Each of your surplus assets received in our warehouses has detailed visibility, 24/7, while awaiting disposition (JIT/staging, sale, redeployment, recycling, donation).

Dedicated Account Managers

REUZEit’s team of dedicated account managers are committed to your surplus asset management program, delivering solutions specific to your organization.

Client Results

Positive ROI

GHG Reductions


Storage Reductions

Capital Recovery

Cost Avoidance

Recycling Reports

KPI Settings

Procurement Savings

Live, Instant Reporting

Corporate & Global Compliance

Who We Serve





Life Science

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We pride ourselves on offering our partners best in class technology
in order to control costs, reduce risk, and improve efficiency.

Case Studies

5 Year Case Study (2015-2020)
REUZEit's largest client, a leading life
science company with more than 1,000 sites
and 75,000 employees globally.

The Challenge

Large OEM tasked us with competitve solution to manage surplus assets

Our Turnkey Solution

∙ White glove pickup
∙ Reverse Logistics
∙ Redeployment
∙ Valuation and Disposition Guidance
∙ Sales & Marketing
∙ M&A, Site Closures, Transfers & Moves
∙ REUZEit platform access to all employees



ROI for the full program

$5.02 Total contribution
per $1 cost

$15,000 avg

Cost avoidance per
redeployed asset


savings on services


higher conversion rate

than leading competitors in
asset sales.

*data pulled from Liquidity Services and
Equipnet quarterly reports

4.6 Million Pounds

Weight of equipment
diverted from


donation initiative
every year



“As we approach our 8th year with REUZEit, the company has never paid a net cost, REUZEit contributed > $10M in cash through the sale of what was destined for landfills, scraps, and recycling.”


Sr Manager
Asset Management Global Facilities & EHS


“We had millions og in surplus equipment across multiple divisions and no measure or method to track or stop the waste. REUZEit is a single point of contact in US and Europe when we have a project, big or small, and we want to recover valuable assets for resale or redistribution.”


EHS Assets Services, Global Operations
*Results reflect the experience of individual clients. Experiences may vary
by client situation. Specific results value is not guaranteed