The Dionex ICS-3000 Reagent-Free™ Ion Chromatography (IC) system with Eluent Generation offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features for efficient and reliable ion analysis. With capabilities ranging from sophisticated autosampling options, including compatibility with well plates, to versatile detection methods such as dual-electrochemical, mass spectrometry, and optical detection, the ICS-3000 enhances productivity and reproducibility across a wide range of IC applications.

The ICS-3000 Automation Manager provides access to intricate multiple-valve configurations for sample preparation and derivatization, offering flexibility and control in experimental setups. With a diverse range of modules available, users can tailor the ICS-3000 system to meet the specific requirements of their applications, ensuring optimal performance and delivering the desired results efficiently. Ideal for laboratories seeking to streamline workflows, reduce operating costs, and achieve high-quality analytical outcomes, the Dionex ICS-3000 is a versatile and powerful solution for ion chromatography needs.

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Dionex ICS-3000 Dual Pump Model DP-1/SP-1

Dionex ICS-3000 Dual Pump Model DP-1/SP-1

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