The Boekel Incubator series offers reliable and versatile solutions for various laboratory incubation needs. These digital incubators feature sturdy construction with see-thru polycarbonate or solid doors for easy monitoring. Available in both 115V and 230V options, they are made from durable 22 Ga steel with a scratch and stain-resistant powder-coated exterior. The interior is constructed of easy-to-clean aluminum.

With digital input and readout of incubation temperature, they ensure precise temperature control. Equipped with an over-range safety thermostat and a red warning indicator light, safety is prioritized in all units. The expanded temperature range from ambient +10 to 90°C caters to a wide range of applications. Boekel Incubators come with a blower fan for rapid heat-up and temperature uniformity, ensuring reliable performance. Additionally, they feature a PID controller, a separate power switch, and include a pocket-size digital laboratory timer for added convenience.

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