Frequent Questions

In the quest for constant growth, most companies focus on core competencies with a minimal concern for organic productivity . Unfortunately, without a turn-key surplus asset management system applied across the organization, billions in valuable assets are stored in closets, depreciating in off-site storage units, or worse, in the landfill.

REUZEit Surplus Asset Management Platform and services are integrated with your organization, centralizing surplus inventory and assets, making assets easily viewable and redeployable globally with a few clicks on our cloud-based portal, saving millions on redundant capital expenditures, conserving waste, and extending useful life of natural resources.

REUZEit provides transparency to all your surplus equipment, managing logistics, warehousing and order fulfillment for redeployed and redistributed assets.

There are three types of ClearPartners. ClearPartners are participants on the REUZEit Platform utilizing REUZEit’s suite of software to manage their business. Providing sales, services and logistics for specialized equipment.

For example, ANDbio LLC is a ClearPartner of REUZEit and manages three of their own websites as well as several sales channels on eBay, LabX, BOE, and several other online marketplaces. is where we post all the deeply discounted equipment, you will experience some of the best deals in the world here. We also have special promotions available when subscribe to the LabTreasures newsletter. is where we post all our ready to use, high-end, equipment. You will also see longer warranties and options for refurbishment and installation. is where we post everything in one place.

You can also become a free member to REUZEit, and shop all inventory on REUZEit’s private company portal.

All equipment is surplus from the global clients enrolled in the REUZEit Surplus Asset Management Platform. We never buy from auction houses, or lots of equipment sight-unseen. REUZEit removes equipment from client sites worldwide and distributes equipment to various ClearPartners depending on geographic location or equipment niche.

Our main headquarters and 50,000 ft warehouse is located in Temecula, CA. In 2018, we expanded to Bleiswijk, Netherlands to better serve our clients’ European sites.

Yes, by law all equipment is decontaminated before it leave the laboratory. However, it’s always a good idea for you to ensure that all used equipment you acquire is decontaminated using decon standards you require.

Yes. If the item is on estimate, please make an appointment with our sales team. We are conveniently located off the 15 freeway, in Temecula, CA (Google map link). Near Temecula’s famous Old Town, 1 hour from San Diego Airport, and 2 Hours from LAX.

You may also view equipment at our European warehouse in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands.

Yes! We have a highly experienced, dedicated in-house project team that specializes in helping laboratories across the world close, move and set up labs. From small 1,000 sq. ft labs to 5,000,000  sq. ft multi-building sites, we can handle it all.

We are more than happy to help answer them. Please feel free to click the chat box, email us at or call us at 888-642-6431 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Pacific time.